Picture of Claudia Iacono


Claudia was more than an entrepreneur; she was a beacon of creativity and style. Claudia's journey from fashion maven to the driving force behind Salon Deauville showcased her passion for empowering others through beauty.

Salon Deauville, Claudia Iacono's Vision.


Her vision lives on in every stylist's touch, every client's smile, and every person who walks through Salon Deauville's doors. Her spirit of empowerment and beauty continues to shape the salon's identity.



Claudia Iacono in Action


Claudia's unwavering dedication and strong work ethic were unmatched. She tackled every task with determination, consistently putting in the effort needed to achieve her goals. Her secret? A structured approach—planning, setting clear goals, and following through. Claudia's success story is an inspiration to all who know her.

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  • A true go-getter who made things happen. An entrepreneur with a vision, she turned Salon Deauville into a place of beauty and confidence. But she was more than that – a loving mom, a daughter who cared, and a devoted wife. Claudia's drive and passion show us that with determination, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

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