Balayage: Effortless Elegance, Hand-Painted by Claudia Iacono

For those seeking a sun-kissed and naturally blended look, our Balayage service at Salon Deauville is the answer. Starting at $155.00, our skilled colorists will hand-paint highlights onto your hair, creating a seamless gradient of color that's as radiant as you are.

Balayage is all about achieving that enviable, lived-in look that requires minimal maintenance. Our expert colorists will work with you to design a customized balayage that enhances your natural beauty and adds a touch of effortless elegance.

Experience the art of hand-painted hair at Salon Deauville, a trusted name in the Montreal beauty scene. Located in Cote des Neiges, Notre Dame de Grace, Montreal, Quebec.

Claudia Iacono's impact as a visionary leader is felt throughout Salon Deauville. As a Montreal icon, she created an environment of creativity and skill at our Salon de Coiffure in Cote Des Neige, Notre Dame de Grace.

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