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Gama Professional

IQ2 Perfetto

IQ2 Perfetto

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iQ2: the new must have in salon work. 0.65 lbs or 294 g, intelligent brushless motor with the new Turbo Function. The only one with Smart Pad.

Lightest Hair Dryer In Its Class, Under One Pound, Dries Hair Thirty Percent Faster Than Any Other Dryer, Get Professional Performance And Results.



Turbo function that powers the air flow, taking the engine to a super speed of 120,000rpm for 30 seconds


iQ2 automatically turns to stand-by mode when you place it on the Smart Pad. Designed to make work easier and more efficient.


Specially created to trap even the smallest environmental particles. Protects hair from dirt and ensures longer motor life.


Increases air flow and improves temperature distribution. Ideal for protecting fine hair and sensitive scalp.


Diffuses warm air over large areas, avoiding damage to the hair cuticle. Protects curly hair from frizz and is designed to handle voluminous hair.


With magnetic coupling and mechanical lock. Double-layer heat protection for easy handling.

IQ2 vs IQ Perfetto

We managed to push even further the most advanced hair dryer in the world.


IQ is equipped with a diffuser and 2 nozzles with innovative hooks for easy coupling and unique stability.

IQ2 Holder with Stand by Tech

As soon as you'll put your IQ2 on your holder the hair dryer will go automatically on stand by. Magic!


The IQ Perfetto and the IQ2 are the 2 flagship hair dryers made by Gama Professional. The IQ2 is the evolution of the IQ Perfetto. While sharing all the incredible features of the IQ Perfetto, the IQ2 manages to surpass it by adding:

  • A staggering 120.000 RPM speed.
  • A revolutionary Stand by tech.
  • A totally new Ventury nozzle.
  • A deep diffuser.
  • Auto-Clean reminder.
  • A durable professional mesh filter.

Our R&D team managed to further increase the IQ2 motor  speed to 120.000 RPM. This creates a more powerful airflow for a better and faster drying.

In addition to being lightweight, the IQ Dryer is Ultra-compact.

Air outlet diameter: 46 mm.
Width: 193.5 mm.
Height: 166.8 mm.

The IQ2 hair dryer comes with 4 attachement to achieve any type of hair style:

  • A deep diffuser.
  • 2 Double layers magnetic nozzles.

The IQ2 is compatible with the US and Canadian 110V.

This model is not dual voltage

Thanks to its built in reminder the IQ2 notifies you when an autoclean is needed. This allows you to extend the lifetime of your IQ2 hair dryer.

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