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G.M Collin

Normalizing Travel Kit

Normalizing Travel Kit

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You’ll be able to rely on the brands and products that you love even on the go with this normalizing travel kit. With the power of oxygen puractive + mild cleansing gel, oxygen puractive + mild mist and oxygen puractive + mild cream with you everywhere, you and your clean and clear skin are pretty much going to be unstoppable. Designed to detoxify the skin in a mild and gentle way, while cleansing and hydrating as needed, this travel kit keeps you looking and feeling your best anywhere and everywhere with these conveniently sized bottles.
  • Contains travel-sized cleanser, mist, and cream for professional-level skincare
  • Designed to detoxify the skin
  • Comes in 50 ml, 50 ml and 15 ml bottles/tubes, respectively
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