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Volumista Mist For Volume

Volumista Mist For Volume

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Fine hair causes very specific problems when it comes to enjoying any kind of volume in your hair. Well, now you can fight back naturally with Volumista Mist for Volume. This is created specifically for those who have fine hair that has difficulty holding a shape. It works by misting onto the scalp and strengthening and plumping up the hair from its shaft. This makes every strand of your hair look thicker, and it will give you more natural volume that you can then shape and adapt to help you create the full head of hair you want to show off in your natural style. This is a gentle mist that is lightweight and won’t leave a residue, while still offering you powerful volume that you can see.
  • Designed for fine hair
  • Plumps up hair from the shaft and offers a natural increase in volume
  • Comes in a 175 ml bottle
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